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Does anybody read this anyway? - Musical Drabbles

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Gleams Which Pass

February 19th, 2006

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06:17 pm - Does anybody read this anyway?

Title: Torture
Fandom: Peter Pan
Prompt: Believing in Fairies, Crunch
Summary: It's very dark, and probably owes more to movies than the musical, but it's what came.

The fairy struggled between his fingers, and Hook smiled. A figure bashed itself against the door again and again, but Hook paid it no mind. Pan would have to wait. This was much more fulfilling than any of their battles had ever been.

He clenched his hand with a crunch and watched as the figure faded. A faint but vehement chorus of bells came from the fairy.

“Clap, Smee. Clap as if your life depended on it.”

The idiot did, and Hook’s smile grew as the light came back to the form.

“Now, Miss Bell, let us try this again.”

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