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Reply to Challenge #46 - Musical Drabbles

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Gleams Which Pass

April 27th, 2005

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11:13 pm - Reply to Challenge #46
Title: Summers by the Beach
Musical: Jekyll & Hyde
Rating: G
Words: 100
Nomination to: Les Miserables
Challenge: #46-Hidden Treasure
Author's Note: I couldn't sleep, so I cranked out a drabble. Enjoy.

Jekyll had a headache again. He had been working nonstop for almost forty-eight hours, and still he couldn’t seem to get the formula right. Finally he emerged from his lab into his study. He proceeded to sink into a chair and fall fast asleep.

He dreamed of his family’s summers by the beach. His parents would watch him as he ran along the beach searching for hidden treasures. He never found anything, but still remembered the salty air of the sea…

He awoke with a start. Salt. That was the ingredient he needed. Apparently his treasure hunting had paid off.
Current Mood: sleepySleepy.
Current Music: "The Girl I Mean to Be" (The Secret Garden)

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